Burritos Not Bombs

Film Story

Burritos Not Bombs took place Thursday, August 18th in Taos, New Mexico, USA. Taos’s Coffee Spot and various local media partners will sponsor the event. The event will be the first time a favorite food of New Mexicans will be delivered by a DRONE! A burrito prepared by Taos’s Coffee Spot “Food Artist” Greg Preisch, will be wrapped To-Go. The burrito with favorite fixings and beverage will then be taken by Greg to a waiting Drone where it will be placed on board and the drone will “Lift-Off”. This very special delivery package will then be flown to local radio hosts and guests – awaiting the arrival. “Our goal is to bring attention to the plight of children throughout the world who live in poverty and are wounded or orphaned as a result of drone bombing. No child deserves such a fate. Ever. Each uprooted child who has lost his or her parents or family and access to education or any childhood at all, represents a crime against our collective future.” said Eric Tate, owner of Taos’s Coffee Spot. Burritos Not Bombs is an effort reminding us to emphasize the fact that we should be feeding children, NOT harming children. It is obvious that bombs can never build anything and we remember the destruction 71 years ago in Japan – August 1945. We say – Feed the Children – Don’t Kill the Children. This event is yet another of many peaceful actions in our town and Yes, they are still possible in this world, even in a remote part of northern New Mexico, USA. In Taos, we say, “It’s the Light”; Let yours shine bright! Feed the Children – Burritos Not Bombs

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